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Watch Resident Evil 0’s Reanimation from Nintendo 64 to Now


Watch Resident Evil 0’s Reanimation from Nintendo 64 to Now

Zombies and Billy and trains, oh my!

Before Rebecca Chambers ever caught that zombie infested train in the original Resident Evil 0 there was a little known Nintendo 64 prototype of that game that got scrapped in the transition over to the GameCube.

Resident Evil 0

Trains. Trains never change.

To showcase the huge leap that Resident Evil 0 is about to make graphically Capcom has prepared a new trailer that went live during San Diego Comic Con. In it we’re given a taste of that original prototype that was shown off over 15 years ago, and the steady evolution that Resident Evil 0 has made from that version, to the version on the GameCube, all the way up to the HD remaster. That’s three generations of Resident Evil 0 in one trailer!

Honestly, the prototype footage doesn’t look half bad. It evokes a certain nostalgia for the classic Resident Evil games that are all but a memory at this point. Sadly, Resident Evil 0 might represent the last hurrah for the classic zombie survival horror series now that the modern games in the series are focused on offering a more action oriented style of play.

The Resident Evil 0 remaster will be rising again on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in 2016.

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