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PSA: Square Enix Games Aren’t Compatibile with the iOS 9 Beta


PSA: Square Enix Games Aren’t Compatibile with the iOS 9 Beta

The iOS 9 Beta is here, but Square Enix games currently aren’t compatible with it.

If you’re playing any Square Enix title on an iOS platform at the moment, you’ll want to know that Square Enix has revealed on their blog that their titles aren’t compatible with the iOS 9 Beta, which is currently running.

In the blog post, they also stated that they won’t be able to provide customer support if anything happens to those who install it. According to Square Enix, the problems that could arise from installing the iOS 9 Beta include, but aren’t limited to, undelivered in-game currencies and data recovery.


iOS 9 is the next update that will be coming to iPads and iPods for free this Fall, and it’s Beta is now open to anybody who signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program. The iOS 9 update will introduce the new News app as well as improve on older ones such as the Notes app. It will also introduce 6 digit passwords for improved security as well as improve both the iPhone and the iPads battery life.

iOS 9 is compatible with the iPhone 4s up to the iPhone 6 Plus as well as the iPhone Touch 5th generation. It’s also compatible with a variety of iPads including the iPad Air, the iPad Air 2, the iPad 3rd generation and the iPad Mini. You can see the full list of platforms that iOS 9 will be compatibile with as well as learn more about iOS 9 here.

So will you be taking part in the iOS 9 Beta despite the news that Square Enix iOS titles won’t be compatible with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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