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PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Controller Coming This Fall


PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Controller Coming This Fall

Finally we can play some shooters properly.

Game accessory and customized controllers maker, Hori, revealed their Tactical Assault Commander 4 controller designed for the PS4, a successor to the PS3’s Tactical Assault Commander 3. The listing is featured on Amazon and is priced at £86.35, with a UK only release date of Oct. 9. There is still no news regarding a US release date.

The price includes a gaming mouse that can be attached to the gaming pad. The pad features 18 buttons, including four pointers, up, down, right and left, a “share,” “options,” and “quick” buttons, as well as the four PlayStation buttons – triangle, square, circle, and x.



This keyboard and mouse gamepad couldn’t come in better time, since several shooters including Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Fallout 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront will be just weeks away.

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