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Prepare for Maximum Freedom With This Patriotic Update to BroForce


Prepare for Maximum Freedom With This Patriotic Update to BroForce

More MERICAN than mecha George Washington on a giant bald eagle punching out Nazi Zombies.

The most ‘MURICAN of all American holidays is almost upon us, Twinfiknights! Our Day of Independence where our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence and formally renounced colonial tyranny to become its own sovereign state. It is also the same glorious day in which ace fighter pilot & US President Thomas J. Whitmore lead a coalition of international resistance fighters against an alien threat and impending death, with the help of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum.

As of tomorrow, all across the country Americans will light up and watch fireworks, attend parades, drink beer, host barbecues, and will be jovial in the liveliest fashion. However, gamers can kick off the 4th of July celebrations early. The truly ‘MERICAN of all ‘MERICAN video games, none other than BroForce, now has new characters and content available in their recently launched Freedom Update.

The BroForce Freedom Update is jam packed full of new goodies so epic that you will break out the fireworks early. First and foremost, the update features two brand new playable characters: the Brocketeer and the Broheart – loving and supra-Americanized versions of the counterparts, the Rocketeer and William Wallace. The Brocketeer sports a fearsome divebomb attack, while the Broheart unleash a furious shout of “FREEDOM!!!!!” (as depicted with a beautiful 8-bit rendition of the Star Spangled Banner) striking fear and intimidation into the wicked hearts of his enemies. The update also allows for melee attacks. Now you can punch, kick, tackle, and chainsaw your way through enemies for truth, justice, and the American way.

The update announcement also details various patches, fixes, and tweaks to the game’s features. Furthermore, as every American citizen should, the folks at Free Lives Games urges players to remain vigilant for extra BroForce announcements as a second update will come out revealing new levels.

LET FREEDOM REIGN!!!! *pew pew, lasers, explosions, victory brews all around*

Are you excited for the Freedom Update for BroForce? Which new character do you like more – the Brocketeer or the Broheart? Feel to comment and share below!

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