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Pre-Orders Are Now Open for Limited Elder Scrolls Online Nord Statues


Pre-Orders Are Now Open for Limited Elder Scrolls Online Nord Statues

Get them before stock runs out.

From today gamers can pre-order one of two limited edition The Elder Scrolls Online Nord statues at Gaming Head. This statue is the third part of their Elder Scrolls Online Heroes of Tamriel range as they’ve already released a Breton and a High Elf statue.

The models are at a 1/6 scale and stand at 19 inches tall. Each statue depicts a heavily armoured Nord wielding two weapons and additional detail has been added to each statue with real fur. The regular version of the statue will cost you $310, and there are only 1,000 open for pre-order.

There is also an exclusive version of the statue that includes an additional portrait, which will allow collectors to switch its head out to one with no helmet (just in case you wanted to take a look at that handsome face). The exclusive version will cost $330 and there are only 500 for pre-order.


This statue will also include a deluxe, full-color packaging, as well as a hand numbered base and a certificate of authenticity. Collectors who buy the exclusive edition Nord will also be able to purchase the same model number of the next statue in this series, and collectors who have already purchased either the Breton or the High Elf, can now pre-order a Nord statue with their model number too.

Both statues are now available for pre-order and collectors can choose to pay for it with a three-month payment plan if they wish.

So are you interested in pre-ordering either of these two statues? Let us know in the comments below.

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