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Paradox Interactive Revealed More Information about the Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords Expansion


Paradox Interactive Revealed More Information about the Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords Expansion

Prepare for the Hordes with Paradox Interactives new developer diary.

Earlier today Paradox Interactive released a new video on YouTube called the Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords – Developer Diary Feature Spotlight which revealed more information about the upcoming expansion. 

For starters, while most rulers will be spending their time improving their holdings and using their populations to gain money through taxes, the only thing the nomads care about is that their populations are big and growing. The reason for this is because nomad hordes will be drawing their military from their manpower pool, which will be based on their population.

The rules of succession in a nomad clan will be based on which of your sons have the most prestige. To help improve your favorite son’s prestige you can send them off to be mercenaries. If done correctly you will then be able to hire them later on as dynamic mercenary companies.

You won’t be warring all the time either because you’ll also have to manage how the other clans think of you. You can change their opinions of you by either swearing a blood oath with them or by declaring your hostility toward them. Declaring your hostility towards them may in turn cause a blood feud to kick off which will allow you to freely attack them.

The nomads will also be able to raid provinces like the pagans could in the Old Gods DLC, as well as the unique ability to destroy the holdings that they have taken. Destroying the holdings will net you more gold and prestige and, once cleared, you’ll be able to draw more manpower from that area.

Another thing that will be added in the Horse Lords expansion will be the Silk Road. The Silk Road is a massive trading route that connects China to Europe through Central Asia, although there is also another route that passes through India. Countries that the Silk Road passes through will be able to build a trading post to make more money, but this also makes them a bigger target for competing countries, rivals, and any roaming horde that happens to be in the area. The Silk Road will also re-route itself if a holding along it is occupied.

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Besides the above, the Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords DLC will also add a new option that will allow the victor to force the loser into being their tributary. As tributary, they will have to pay you and jump into your wars, although you’ll also have to help out with their wars.

Along with the Horse Lords expansion, Paradox will be releasing a free patch around its launch which will add forts, fix bugs, and change who can command armies. This patch will also add a bunch of convenient changes which will make navigating the menus easier.

The Crusader Kings 2 Horse Lords expansion will be released on July 14.

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