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Overwatch Legacy Trailer Raises the Bar for Fan-Made Live Action


Overwatch Legacy Trailer Raises the Bar for Fan-Made Live Action

Prepare to unhinge your jaw.

Youtube user “RP WhaBam” posted an incredibly impressive fan-made trailer for Overwatch simply called Overwatch Legacy. We see Stacey Roy (owner of the account) star as Tracer, the spunky speedster who can control her own mobility. In it, the video displays Tracer’s origins of her time-altering powers and fights against Reaper.

Additional credit goes to co-actor Jordan Duncan, Vancouver CosplayHenchmen Props, and the rest of the crew mentioned in the video’s description.

Overwatch 3
Usually reserving her Youtube account for a creating various video guides to nerdy drinks (such as Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road Jello Shooters) under the Nerdy Bartender pseudonym, Roy could not contain her excitement.

Who can blame her? The fighting choreography is on point and believable; the realized Tracer costume screams personality much like Blizzard’s original design. Everything about this video (the lighting, the costumes, the effects) impresses greatly for what can be done with enough passion and creativity.

Sure, you don’t have the connections or the means to don stellar cosplay and film action, but you can become Tracer as well when Overwatch releases its beta this Fall for the PC and Mac.

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