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You Can Look as Fly as Possible with the Official Mega Man Helmet


You Can Look as Fly as Possible with the Official Mega Man Helmet

Blue Bomber chic.

The Capcom store is going wild with its San Diego Comic-Con offerings this year. From a light up Ryu statue to Monster Hunter onesies, they’ve really got it all. Among the cool new stuff for you to throw your money at is the public display of a wearable, official Mega Man helmet. It’s taken them a long time to be able to provide it, Capcom says, but they’ve finally gotten a product that works (and has LED lights, to boot).

“This is a high quality replica of the Blue Bomber’s helmet – perfect for display in home or office, but it also doubles as the ultimate role play accessory! Comes shipped in a decorated box suitable for displaying your helmet when not in use. The perfect addition to those that already purchased the full-size working, sold-out Mega Man Buster from Think Geek last year!”

While it won’t be available for purchase at San Diego Comic-Con and there isn’t a price set yet, they do say to keep an eye on the official Capcom store site for the imminent “limited time” pre-order opportunity.

mega man helmet

What do you think of the helmet? Ready to throw money at it or feel like maybe your head won’t fit in it because it’s big and weirdly shaped?

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