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No Horde Mode for Gears of War Ultimate Edition


No Horde Mode for Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Aw, Horde no.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition is the original game coming to Xbox One with reworked gameplay mechanics and new stuff. One thing that fans were wondering about is if it would be coming with Horde Mode, and during a panel at San Diego Comic Con, that was answered with a great big ‘no’.

Horde Mode first appeared in Gears of War 2 in 2008. Five players work together to fight off 50 waves of Locust enemies that gradually increase in scale and difficulty, ending in you and your friends going up against the toughest of the Locust forces. The mode took off like wildfire in the future years, prompting several games to have their own version, with the most popular being Firefight in the Halo games. It last made an appearance in Gears of War 3 and introduced money and defenses.

Fergusson explained that Horde Mode wouldn’t be included because “we didn’t want to creep too much into Gears of War 2 territory.” He also explained that the mode exists because Gears 2 introduced a variety of new enemy types and without those different enemies in the first game, Horde Mode would feel super limited by comparison. Shame it’s not being included, but that just means it can make a huge comeback with Gears 4! Who knows, maybe it’ll be part of the beta.

No Horde Mode aside, will you be picking up Gears of War Ultimate Edition on August 25? Let us know in the comments below.

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