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Nintendo 3DS NFC Adapter Coming to UK and North America Soon


Nintendo 3DS NFC Adapter Coming to UK and North America Soon

This adapter looks like something from the future!

Today, Nintendo has revealed a release date for the NFC adapter in North America and the United Kingdom.

If you haven’t got one of the New Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL console, but want to play Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer which requires NFC capabilities, then you’re going to want this. The puck-shaped device will communicate wirelessly  with your Nintendo 3DS system and read the amiibo cards or figures, dependent on which game you’re playing.

NFC adapter

The NFC adapter will be available in both the UK and North America come October 2, 2015, the same day that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is due to release on Nintendo’s handheld.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer’s gameplay will focus predominantly on the use of amiibo regardless of statue or card form. Focusing on the decorating and home-design aspects of the Animal Crossing games, players will be tasked with designing houses for animals which meet their requests.

By tapping the Animal Crossing series amiibo cards to the NFC adapter, players can design a room for that specific character on the card and scan additional character cards to invite those character to visit. This is definitely a different approach to the Animal Crossing series that’s for sure.

If you live over in Japan, you’ll be able to grab the 3DS NFC adapter come summer this year. You always get things early darn you!

Will you be picking up one of the NFC adapters for your 3DS? What about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer? Let us know in the comments below.

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