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N++ Is Leaping Its Way to the PS4 Soon


N++ Is Leaping Its Way to the PS4 Soon

With a discount!

The co-founder of Metanet Software Inc, Mare Sheppard, has announced on the PlayStation Blog that they will be releasing their fast-paced, action puzzle platformer N++ for the PS4 on July 28. They also revealed that players will get a 20% discount and a theme if they pre-order the game ahead of its release.

N++ will have over 2,360 levels for players to test their skill. If that’s not enough, N++ will also include a built-in editor and all of the levels that players created during the recent N++ beta. Each will also have their own leaderboards, too.


Thanks to the beta, the PS4 version of the N++ will include tweaked graphics, a streamlined UI, and “lots of polish.”

In a short video with PlayStation Canada, Sheppard revealed that N++ will be running at 60fps and at 1080p. They also revealed that players will be able to customize their experience with the ability to skip songs and change the color of levels, too.

Sheppard also noted that N++ will be getting a price increase once its first update comes out because it will be double the size of the game, although she didn’t go into details about what that update will feature.

Are you interested in getting N++ when it comes to the PS4 on July 28? Let us know in the comments below!

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