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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collector’s Edition Offers Awesome Faith + Mini Faith Statue


Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collector’s Edition Offers Awesome Faith + Mini Faith Statue

Hope you have a spare $200 lying around.

A collector’s edition for the upcoming Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has been unveiled, and while it comes with a hefty price tag, it features a variety of unique collectables, most notably a 14″ statue of Faith and her younger self.

The edition, like Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, aims to bring fans closer to Faith and her journey in becoming the city’s symbol of hope.

The collector’s edition offers the perfect way to get to know Faith, whether you want to dress up like her using temporary tattoos, carry her statue around everywhere like it’s your best friend, or glue concept art all over yourself and pretend you’re a walking version of the game.

mirror's edge catalyst collector's edition

The full package includes all of the following:

  • Adult Faith/Young Faith diorama
  • Exclusive Steel book
  • Exclusive lithograph
  • Set of 10 concept pieces
  • Temporary logo tattoo
  • Temporary Faith arm tattoo
  • Storage box

Players can pick up the limited quantity Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collector’s Edition for a pretty $199.99 at select worldwide retailers, with GameStop opening North American and online pre-orders today.

Catalyst was a standout at this year’s E3, and you can check out our hands-on preview for more insight into the upcoming title.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Feb. 23, 2016.


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