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Mega Man Legacy Collection Will Include Old School Slowdown and Screen Flicker


Mega Man Legacy Collection Will Include Old School Slowdown and Screen Flicker

Slow down and enjoy the screen flickering.

If you prefer to enjoy your 8-bit classics just as you remember them, blemishes and all, then you’re going to love the latest news regarding the Mega Man Legacy Collection. Capcom employee GregaMan has revealed in a recent post on Capcom Unity that the upcoming Mega Man Legacy Collection will include the original games’ slowdown and flickering.

According to GregaMan, the reason for this is because slowdown and flickering were “programmed into the games” and the aim of the Mega Man Legacy Collection is to historically preserve these titles and their code. GregaMan did state however that some screen flickering and slowdown which was present in the original games due to “hardware limitations” and not the original code won’t be included. Removed “hardware limitations” will include when Mega Man would flicker due to two horns being shot by the Goblins in Air Man’s Stage in Mega Man 2.

It was also revealed that while players will be able to play the Mega Man Legacy Collection with crystal clear picture, the collection will also include a variety of filters that can help bring players back to a time when games had to be played on a crappy TV.


Along with screen filters, players will also be able to choose between a couple of screen display options. These displays will include the “Full” format, as well as an Original” format for players who want to play the game with its original aspect ratio.

Mega Man Legacy Collection will also include up to 50 different challenges, different border options themed after each Mega Man game, a database and a music player which will feature all of the songs from each of the six Mega Man games.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection is due out later this summer digitally for the PS4, Xbox One and PC for $14.99. A Nintendo 3DS version will also be released sometime this winter.

Are you looking forward to the Mega Man Legacy Collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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