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Play As Mario, Sonic, and Link In A Gorgeous HD Unreal 4 Demo


Play As Mario, Sonic, and Link In A Gorgeous HD Unreal 4 Demo

Kirby has never looked rounder.

Earlier this year, Unreal Engine 4 was released for free to everyone. CryZENx took advantage of this deal to create incredibly detailed models of several videogame characters, and shared several short videos of them exploring huge, open landscapes.

As a special bonus for reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, CryZENx released a download that allows anyone to test these characters and some of the graphical features of Unreal 4.

This demo allows you to play as Sonic, Mario, Link, Deku Link, Kirby and Charmander in a test environment. The room also shows off some of the particle effects possible with Unreal Engine 4 with fully modeled cubes, spheres and water. Each character also comes with their trademark abilities like Mario’s high jumping and Charmander’s fire breath.

This test shows how great these classic characters can look in Unreal Engine 4, which looks more impressive than what we have seen on consoles yet. Which character would you like to see get a full game in this style in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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