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Lizard Squad is Back and Still Sending Out DDOS Attacks


Lizard Squad is Back and Still Sending Out DDOS Attacks

That’s just cold-blooded.

Remember that slimy gang of Internet reptiles who stole our Christmas?

Only days after 17 year old Lizard Squad member, Julius “Zeekill” Kivimaki, was arrested and convicted in Finland for over 50,700 charges that coincide with Lizard Squad’s most notorious crimes, including that of online harassment, money laundering, exposing company secrets, and fraud, it seems Lizard Squad is back in action with their favorite DDOS attacks.

This time they’re giving President of Daybreak Games, John Smedley, even more problems, as it seems they’ve sent multiple DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks towards Daybreak Games’ PlanetSide 2 and H1Z1.

These attacks come after Smedley went onto Twitter and Reddit to elaborate on how Lizard Squad has affected his life in a negative manner. Smedley has had his family and his own information including his social security number leaked onto the Internet, has been threatened with a bomb threat on his plane, he’s been Swatted multiple times, has been hacked, and had to deal with fraud, all thanks to Lizard Squad.

It’s unclear what they’ll do next, or how officials will react, but one thing is for sure, Lizard Squad doesn’t seem to be finished just yet.

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