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Let’s Theorize 5 Possible Life Is Strange Endings


Let’s Theorize 5 Possible Life Is Strange Endings

Is Max going to get out of this mess?

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Time Is a Circle

Spoilers Ahead

Look, the other ones on this list are kind of unlikely. They are. This one, though? This is the one, everybody. Imagine that, at the end of it all, Max looks at the selfie she took of herself in the first episode during class and warps back to that time.

Everything that happened, hasn’t happened yet. It ends with her looking at the photograph, with all her new knowledge of the future and every choice undone. Will she be able to save Rachel, Kate, and Chloe? Can she stop Jefferson after all and halt the end of Arcadia Bay? Will the whales be okay? Can she finally freaking make it to Planet of the Apes with Warren? 

This can be an ambiguous ending, up to the player’s optimism or pessimism to decide whether she can change what happens this time around or if it’s an inevitable loop that she can never break out of.

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