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Insomniac Has No Plans to Release Sunset Overdrive on Other Platforms


Insomniac Has No Plans to Release Sunset Overdrive on Other Platforms

Sunset Overdrive will remain an Xbox exclusive.

Released last year by Insomniac Games, Sunset Overdrive is a chaotic Xbox One exclusive game that allows player to cause anarchy in an open world city. It seems that some PlayStation and PC gamers have been asking whether the game may see a release on other platforms, but it looks like this won’t be happening.

On the Insomniac Games official forums, one of the companies administrators called Vitti wrote: “We have no plans to release Sunset Overdrive on any other platform. We also don’t discuss contracts.”

Vitti also disputed rumors that the game had only sold around 300,000 copies, saying: “Not sure where you got those sales numbers from (they are not accurate in the slightest), but neither Microsoft nor us release sales numbers.”

Vitti also revealed that it looks unlikely that a PS4 collection of the Ratchet and Clank games will be released, due to the existence of PlayStation Now.

“Sony ultimately would make this call, but here is why I think it won’t ever happen. Time and money. PS3 ports already exist. PlayStation Now. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt they remaster a remaster,” he explained.

[Source: GamingBolt]

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