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Microsoft Surpasses 100,000 Xbox Achievements Milestone


Microsoft Surpasses 100,000 Xbox Achievements Milestone

That’s a lot of achievements!!

Since the release of the Xbox 360 back in 2005 with its new Xbox Achievements and players have been trying to complete their games till it reaches the 100% mark. This urge to unlock all the achievements is what made players reach a grand total of 100,000 achievements unlocked, mainly due to the efforts of Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers.

The statistics show that there is a total of 2.3 Million Gamerscore obtained from 3,100 games that was released from 304 different publishers. The Xbox 360 has the lead and the most contribution with over 76% of the 100,000 Xbox Achievements were unlocked on it while the Xbox One came in second as it’s players only represent 14% of the achievements.

An interesting fact is that only one Xbox gamer in the whole world has unlocked over 50% of all available achievements and the Gamertag of this gaming legend is Stallion83. Some of the most obtained achievement’s include Halo 3’s Landfall and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Two Birds With One Stone.

Congratulations to Xbox gamers and keep trying to get that impossible achievement every now and then and don’t give up.

[ Source: Trueachievements ]

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