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Hilarious User Reviews on Steam that Deserve to be Framed


Hilarious User Reviews on Steam that Deserve to be Framed

These reviews have got it all!

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Reviews are incredibly helpful in the gaming industry. Being able to find out just how good a game is before you buy it takes a lot of the chance of ending up with a crappy purchase away. On PC, there is an even greater realm for getting your review fix other than your typical gaming websites. The Steam community churns out hundreds of brilliantly written and fun to read reviews every day. But every so often you’ll come across one which just has you slamming your fist on the table and laughing like a seal. Here are our top 7 Steam user reviews that are so hilarious they deserve to be framed.

Super Meat Boy

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There is something to be said about Super Meat Boy from this review. Not only does it apparently make some players question their own mental stability, they also feel the need to document this to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. At least we know that if we want to enter a controller-throwing competition, our weapon of choice should be an Xbox 360 controller as opposed to a PlayStation 3 one. Oh and I’d probably advise against living next door to this guy unless of course you enjoy the sound of controllers hitting the wall and battle cries at 2am.

The Stanley Parable

Steam User Reviews
This review may need some explanation if you haven’t played The Stanley Parable before. Let me explain the game to you. It’s a game ultimately about giving the player the option to follow the instructions they are given or to have complete and utter freedom from the get-go to reach one of the many… many endings. The more the player strays from the path, the more the game seems to dislike the bending of the ‘rules’.

So when this dude’s computer blue-screened, it’s not surprising he assumed it was part of the game. The Stanley Parable is pretty fricking awesome so if you want to question your hardware failures being part of the game you’re playing, you should probably pick up this 11/10 game.


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When someone has played just shy of 3 days on Skyrim, you’d expect them to be so enthralled by the beauty and sheer size of the world you can explore. Nope, this guy just really likes the fact you can consume an ungodly amount of cheese wheels. But he seems to have maybe taken his obsession for consuming cheese wheels in Skyrim a little too far when he seems to take some rather odd pleasure in “bewildering friend and foe alike with your unholy cheese wheel obsession”.

I mean I’m all for a good bit of cheese, and in a game sure, why not? But damn a 10/10 just for the ability to eat cheese wheels? I kinda hope someone has made the 0.1 Cheese Wheel mod the guy asks for in the P.S. section, just for his sanity really… I hope he’s ok.

Winnie the Pooh

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And you thought the last one was weird! Well this guy has an even weirder obsession. Aside from the somewhat disjointed grammar and sentence structure, this guy just really… really loves Winnie the Pooh. His desperate pleas to readers to buy the game, the 346 hours he’s managed to clock on record, and the fact that according to the comments he’s part of a community group called “The Road to 2k hours on Winnie the Pooh“, has me question this guy’s sanity even more than the last dude. Just check out the comments section below.

Steam User Reviews

The fact that Winnie the Pooh himself applauds the user for the amount of hours on record, before referring to him as “my child” makes me question whether this is some kind of freaky cult. Hey, you read the user review, it has the best experience that you could ask for. Better get my wallet out because this guy can’t be wrong… right?

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A UK History graduate, Chris is a firm believer that Bioshock is the pinnacle of video game storytelling. He spends his days playing games, watching TV, or desperately attempting to improve his movie knowledge. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisJecks, or email him at [email protected]

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