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NBC’s Heroes Reborn Is Getting Two Tie-In Games


NBC’s Heroes Reborn Is Getting Two Tie-In Games

Two superpowered tie-in games are coming!

NBC and Phosphor Games have announced that they are working on two tie-in video games for their upcoming superhero drama Heroes Reborn.

The first of these two games is Heroes Reborn: Gemini which see players taking control of a brand new character called Cassandra. Gemini will be a first-person action adventure game, which will see players overcoming challenges and enemies through the use of Cassandra’s time manipulating and telekinesis powers. According to Gemini’s press release, the plot will revolve around Cassandra trying to master her new skills while also trying to learn more about her past.

Meanwhile, the mobile phone game will be called Heroes ReBorn: Enigma. Enigma will follow Cassandra’s sister Dahlia whose game will see her attempting to break out of “a secret government facility called The Quarry” according to the game’s press release.

Both of these games are being developed by Phosphor Games and Imperative Entertainment, which was co-founded by Heroes ReBorn creator Tim Kring. Both games will be using Unreal Engine 4 graphics. In the past Phosphor Games has worked on tie-in titles such as World War Z and WWE Immortals, so this wouldn’t be their first rodeo in this space.

NBC Heroes is expected to reveal a trailer for both of these games on July 12th during their panel at  San Diego Comic-Con. Heroes ReBorn will begin airing on September 24th and will continue from where the original series ended in 2006.

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