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Here Are 2015’s Game of the Year Contenders so Far


Here Are 2015’s Game of the Year Contenders so Far

And the potential winner is…

Arkham Knight

Every year, tons of video games are released into the wild for fans to enjoy. They come in all different forms, from indie adventure games to blockbuster, AAA action games. But no matter what the genre, or size of the development team, these games are made to add joy to the lives of everyone who pops them into their preferred platform. Yet, even though you get so many unique experiences, there are always a few that stand out from the crowd. Those are the games that earn that coveted Game of The Year crown.

GOTY is a reward given to a very select few titles that manage to showcase the talents of its respective studio, as well as provide an engaging experience that is either entirely new or on a scope never seen before. Although we are just a little over halfway through 2015, a few contenders for the GOTY title have already managed to show their faces. Of course, none of these titles are guaranteed the prize, but they each managed to step things up a notch in a way that just isn’t seen anywhere else this year. 

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