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Guerrilla Gives More Details on Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Combat, Open World and More


Guerrilla Gives More Details on Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Combat, Open World and More

We better get to ride those robots…

Last month, Guerrilla Games and Sony wowed gamers with a first look at Horizon: Zero Dawn. Now that the post E3 dust has settled, there’s been a lot of questions about the game’s combat and XP system. Gamesradar was lucky enough to speak with Guerrilla’s art director Jan Bart Van Beek, and here’s what he had to say:

  • The game will be a full open world with no loading in between areas. Van Beek says “the whole world is explorable. Every mountaintop is accessible, every river you can go through, every valley.”
  • Combat rewards players who prepare by scoping out the environment, laying traps, and learning the robots’ weak points. The fighting styles of Horizon: Zero Dawn break down into three types: stealth, firepower, and trap setting and hunting. You can tune Aloy to be a master of one of these skill trees, or have your experience points spread across all of them. Your primary combat weapon will be the bow, as the human survivors “have a limited understanding of the technology, enough that they can make explosive arrows from the shells that the machines use but they don’t have enough knowledge to reverse engineer any of this.”
  •  The RPG mechanics are focused on harvesting parts from the robots and materials and crafting items like new weapons, armor, and weapon and ammo types. The XP system is intertwined with the perk system. Perks let you develop fighting styles so you can slow down time while aiming or pull off stealth kills.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is a strictly single player affair, but according to Van Beek, there’ll be some kind of online component. Maybe you’ll be able to leave materials and items for your friends or provide robot weak points to them?
  • You can do more than hunt robots, though Van Beek didn’t provide more detail. He was asked if it was possible to get on top of a large-plated robot’s head and only replied: “That is something you will see later.”

Horizon: Zero Dawn hits the PS4 holiday of next year.

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