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Fan Creates Petition for Satoru Iwata Amiibo


Fan Creates Petition for Satoru Iwata Amiibo

The best way for every fan to immortalize the gaming great?

Following the saddening news of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s death yesterday, a petition over at has been created to release an amiibo of the late gaming great.

The petition details how significant Iwata was to the world of gaming. His help in creating some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, his incredible work ethic and how he related to gamers only scratch the surface of what made the Nintendo CEO so loved.

The petition also highlights Mr. Iwata’s dedication to keeping all of his decisions true to what the company was known for:

Being responsible for Nintendo’s most profitable times and taking responsibility for Nintendo’s financially turbulent times, Mr. Iwata has made several tough decisions based on a simple tenet: “Is this Nintendo?”

The petition would like to see a Satoru Iwata amiibo created for all fans to remember his legacy by. Regardless of any in-game functionality, the petition believes that an amiibo would be the best way to immortalize and serve as a small reminder of Iwata’s legacy and accomplishments.

At the time of writing there are 10,980 signatures on the petition and you can sign it here. I’d snap one of these up for sure if they were released to the public and I’m sure many of you would too. Let’s just hope Nintendo see this and agree it would be a great way to remember such a significant man of the industry.

Some of those who signed the petition sum up all of our feelings towards Iwata in the ‘reasons for signing section’. Some believed the proceeds should go to his family or a charity:

I’m signing this because I feel that this would be a great way to immortalize someone who did so much for a great company. He thought of others first and what was good for the gamer. If an amiibo is made, it will be a way to always remember him and his many accomplishments. I would like to see proceeds go to maybe his family or a charity that he was fond of. – Holly Garcia

Others just harked back to the impact that Iwata had made on their childhood:

I’m signing this because this would be one of the greatest ways we can, in a way, immortalize such an amazing man. He has done so much, not only for Nintendo, but for the whole world. In his world, it was not about the game, not about the money, or the return, but it was about the gamer. He accomplished so much, and was able to build the many, many childhoods and memories of people around the world (me as one of them). His games and achievements are what warmed the hearts of many boys, girls, men, and women around the entire world, and I believe we should congratulate and remember him for such. – Joshua Jones

Would you like to see a Satoru Iwata amiibo to remember him by? Let us know in the comments below.

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