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Fallout Shelter’s First Update Adds Photo Mode & Fixes Pregnancy Problems


Fallout Shelter’s First Update Adds Photo Mode & Fixes Pregnancy Problems

Share your pain with others via the new photo mode.

Current king of the mobile gaming world, Fallout Shelter, has just received a new update that allows you to take and share photos of your favorite moments in the vault.

Bethesda’s photo update for Fallout Shelter is easily accessed, you simply press a button on the bottom of the screen while playing and it screenshots the game without the HUD in the photo. This update should bring everyone who has had problems in their vault some sort of joy as they document how life in the vault actually works.

Fallout Shelter Update

Following the new photo feature, Bethesda has fixed the game’s pregnancy problems to allow for quicker babies. Who wanted to wait nine months anyway?

The official description from the Bethesda Blog reads as follows:

Vault-Tec engineers are hard at work improving your experience with Fallout Shelter! Keep the feedback coming!

  • Overseers are encouraged to record any bizarre dweller behavior with the new Photo Feature. Sharing with those outside your Vault is optional, and will not result in your replacement or termination.
  • Vault air filters have been causing some mothers to not deliver babies and we understand this is causing long term discomfort. We have solved this (not the discomfort, the baby coming out part).
  • We’ve also done general maintenance to improve sudden Vault shut down and removed some other pesky issues with the capacitors inside various aspects of the simulation.

Thanks again, and keep up the great work – even if everyone is starving. It’s worse outside.

Fallout Shelter was announced during Bethesda’s first E3 press conference and then was immediately released for free after. It can be downloaded on any iOS device now for free, and will be available to download on Androids in August.

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