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Fallout 4 Already Has Its First Mod in the Works


Fallout 4 Already Has Its First Mod in the Works

Well, that was quick.

Despite the fact that Fallout 4 won’t be released till Nov 10, the Fallout 3 modder Zealotlee has already revealed their first mod for the game.

The mod in question is a Rail Rifle and, according to Zealotlee on Imgur, the Rail Gun will use EC Cells as light ammo and MF cells as heavy ammo. Players will be able to switch between these two ammo types and while the heavy ammo will do more damage, only the light ammo can be rapid fired but at the cost of low accuracy.


The Rail Gun will also be customizable with various barrels, muzzle breaks, and stocks which will change its performance to suit the players playstyle. Zealotlee is also working on adding customizable grips and new optic sights.

On the Bethesda forums, Zealotlee announced the Rail Gun will be added to Fallout 4 “as soon as the tools become available.”

In the past, Zealotlee has worked on various weapons mods for Fallout 3 which added a variety of weapons to the game including an SVD Dragunov and an MP5. Zealotlee also helped as a contributor for the Project Nevada mod for Fallout New Vegas.

So what’s your opinion on Zealotlee Fallout 4 Rail Gun mod and will you be downloading it when it becomes available? Let us know in the comments below.

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