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Ever Wondered How Splatoon’s Inkzooka Would Work In Real Life?


Ever Wondered How Splatoon’s Inkzooka Would Work In Real Life?

This is my BOOMSTICK!

Seriously, Japan is a land full of modern marvels that continues to awe and amaze. I mean, are you really surprised? Why accept the bold challenge by the United States to a giant, epic, mech battle if you don’t have chops or technical know-how to back it up? Such paltry concerns are of no concern – they got this on lock.

Now, you can witness the fruits of labor as an innovator Japanese handyman has gloriously succeeded in creating a fully functional real-life version of the Inkzooka from the epic, paint-splattering shooter Splatoon. Originally posted here, the video was then shared on YouTube by Ren Tong.

While this version fires water instead of paint, the results are nonetheless impressive. It is a perfect recreation of the Splatoon weapons right down to the color scheme. However, what is most worthy of praise is the sheer firepower the Inkzooka holds. In the video, you can clearly see the Inkzooka generates enough force to cause the wielder to fall backwards after being fired and easily knocks away objects as if it were nothing.

As an added treat, the video also showcases a demonstration of a fully functional Splat Grenade!

What do you think of these recreated Splatoon blasters? What other in-game weapons would you like to see brought to life? Feel free to comment and share below!

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