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Dragon Quest Builders is Essentially Minecraft With Slimes


Dragon Quest Builders is Essentially Minecraft With Slimes

You got Minecraft in my Dragon Quest!
You got Dragon Quest in my Minecraft!

Square Enix has launched the Japanese website for a new and wholly unexpected spin-off in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest Builders. Very little is known about it at this time, and the website itself it pretty barren so far; there is but a lone screenshot accompanied by the Dragon Quest Builders logo. The screen is able to tell us a few interesting things, however.

Instead of opting for a full rip-off by way of pixelated enemies and player characters, you will take control of a typical Akira Toriyama drawn (or inspired) anime character and face off against classic Dragon Quest foes such as the Slime, Brownie, and – of course – Dragon. It is also apparent that some other aspects of the world will look more defined than the standard Minecraft pixels, as the trees appear to be lush and full as opposed to blocky and funny.

dragon quest builders

Only time will tell if Dragon Quest Builders is just another open-world clone trying to cash-in on the Minecraft craze or a new and exciting spin on it altogether, but as soon as we know more we’ll be sure to pass the knowledge on to you. Dragon Quest Builders is being developed for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

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