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Revisit Year One of Destiny On Bungie Day With a New Video and Emblem for Loyal Players


Revisit Year One of Destiny On Bungie Day With a New Video and Emblem for Loyal Players

A year of highs and lows.

July 7 every year is Bungie Day. How is Bungie choosing to celebrate this year? By looking back at the first year of its succesful (and occasionally controversial) shooter-MMORPG hybrid, Destiny.

Today on the Bungie News blog, Bungie released a new video that takes a look at the first year of Destiny and the community members that made it special for them. The video is long (about 30 minutes) but is worth flipping through if you’re a hardcore Destiny fan. There have been quite a few amazing accomplishments within the Destiny community over the last year such as Datto beating Crota blindfolded and moments of jubilation as people obtained their first Gjallarhorn.

You don’t have to be an active member of the community to get in on the celebration though. There’s a Year One exclusive emblem for players to obtain, however there is a catch. You don’t just get it by having owned Destiny prior to the formal launch of “Year Two” when The Taken King releases on Sept. 9. You have to earn it.

You’ll have to complete all of the Moments of Triumph by Sept. 9 in order to receive the exclusive Year One emblem. This includes feats such as reaching max level and defeating the raids on hard mode.

It’s a nice gesture for loyal fans but hopefully for Bungie, the requirements don’t set off another firestorm of negativity. It has been a rough couple of weeks for Bungie.

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