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This Week’s Destiny Trials of Osiris Map Will Be Random


This Week’s Destiny Trials of Osiris Map Will Be Random

A playlist set to random.

In this week’s Destiny weekly update, Bungie community manager “Deej” revealed that there won’t just be one map for Trials of Osiris this week. Instead, the playlist will be set to random, and any of the six maps used so far are fair game.

Senior Designer Derek Carroll thought it might be interesting to change up the rotation this time:
By now, you know how this works… each week we select a single map to be the combat arena for the entire weekend’s Trials of Osiris, and everyone is thrilled with the choice.
This week only, we’re setting the Trials of Osiris playlist to “random,” just like the Elimination playlist, but on the six Trials maps where you’ve made your weekend homes.
Study up. We’ve plotted the danger zones for each map. The red zones are for fighting and getting your cards punched. Please do not camp in the red zones. Or do, if you be Mercurial.…

The possible maps for this week are: Black Shield, Burning Shrine, Pantheon, The Cauldron, Thieves Den and Widow’s Court.

According to the post, this week’s Trials of Osiris is an experiment. As a weekly player of Trials of Osiris myself, I can attest that the repetition gets me into a routine and a flow each game. I know exactly where I’m going each time I spawn in, and I have an idea of where the enemy is coming from. It will be interesting to see if this change mixes up the accepted strategies for each map and throws Destiny players for a loop.

Whether you enjoy the rotation or not, you can voice your opinion here on Bungie’s feedback forum page.

Trials of Osiris has quickly become one of Destiny’s more popular Crucible PvP modes thanks to its lucrative rewards. Let us know what you think about the change in the comments and be sure to check out our guide on the best Destiny Trials of Osiris classes!

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