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Destiny How To: Year One Emblem and Moments of Triumph


Destiny How To: Year One Emblem and Moments of Triumph

A trip down memory lane.

Today is Bungie Day! Hurrah for all Bungie and Destiny fans! As a reward for current Destiny players, Bungie has released a quest of sorts for obtaining an exclusive Year One Emblem. Anyone who completes this quest before The Taken King releases on Sept. 9 later this year, will get the emblem. The only catch is you have to complete a couple of steps first, and depending on your level of skill, they may be difficult.

If you want to see your progress, you can do so by logging into the Bungie website and checking using this tracker on your profile. The quest is a fun trip down memory lane provided you also purchased The Dark Below and House of Wolves. Let’s break down each of the requirements from easiest to hardest.

Moments of Triumph 1: Apprentice of Light

This one is easy. All you have to do is reach the max class level and you’re all set! This is different than light level. Light level can go as high as 34 but all you have to do for this one is cap out your XP at level 20.

Moments of Triumph 2: Light of the Garden

Another simple one! Just go ahead and beat the original game’s story mode. Defeat the Black Heart at the Black Garden and this one is complete.

Moments of Triumph 3: Light in the Dark

The next two are easy… provided you purchased both of the expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves. For Light in the Dark all you have to do is complete The Dark Below’s story campaign and prevent the summoning of Crota’s soul.

Moments of Triumph 4: Light of the Reef

Same as above; as long as you have House of Wolves and you know, played it, this one should come easy. Complete the House of Wolves story campaign and send the rebel kell Skolas to the Prison of Elders.

Moments of Triumph 5: Public Servant

This one isn’t hard, but could be time consuming depending on how much time you spend in patrols. You’ll need to complete 50 public events for Public Servant. Check out Destiny Public Events to help plan out your camping.

Moments of Triumph 6: Chest Hunter

Remember those golden chests that got people excited when Destiny first came out? Don’t feel bad if you forgot they even existed since they contain mostly worthless equipment. If you’re interested in the Year One emblem though, suddenly they matter again as you’ll need to have found all 20 golden chests to complete this leg of the quest. YouTube is an excellent resource for finding them if you need help, and you can click right here for a good place to start!

Moments of Triumph 7: Crucible Gladiator

This one will either be trivial or brutal. If you’re not into PvP and the Crucible by now, you probably never will be. But like or not, for Crucible Gladiator, you’ll need to have toughed out at least 100 Crucible wins. Wins, not total matches. Might I suggest Trials of Osiris as a fun way to knock out that requirement?

Moments of Triumph 8: Bane of Atheon

Now here is where you’re going to have to start showing off a little bit of skill. For Bane of Atheon, you’ll need to defeat Atheon on hard mode. Longtime Destiny players probably have already complete this, but if you joined on after The Dark Below, the Vault of Glass may have slipped off of your radar. Go get that Vex Mythoclast!

Moments of Triumph 9: Bane of Crota

The Dark Below added Destiny’s second raid, Crota’s End. Defeat Crota on hard mode to complete Bane of Crota. Having trouble beating Crota? We have a guide for that!

Moments of Triumph 10: Bane of Skolas

Noticing a pattern yet? I hope so because this is the last requirement standing between you and a fancy and soon to be exclusive emblem. This is probably the most difficult requirement to complete. You’ll need to defeat Skolas in the level 35 Prison of Elders arena. Skolas was recently patched to remove all burns from the modifier pool. So it’s just you and Skolas mano a mano (except with lots of guns actually). If you’re having trouble, we have tips for defeating Skolas as well.

Pull off this feat, and all of the others, and you’ll be able to obtain your new fancy Year One Destiny emblem when The Taken King launches on Sept. 9 later this year.

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