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Dead Or Alive Festival Begins This Weekend With An International Tournament


Dead Or Alive Festival Begins This Weekend With An International Tournament

Celebrate Dead or Alive with cosplay, giveaways and an intense tournament.

Team Ninja has been heavily promoting Dead or Alive 5: Last Round in the competitive circuit with the Battle Royal, a series of tournaments to determine the best player in the world. On August 1, the Dead or Alive Festival in Japan’s Osaki Bright Core Hall will host an international tournament and more events for fans.

The main event of Dead or Alive Festival is the World Exhibition Match, a 16 person tournament that gathers Dead or Alive 5 players from around the world. American players Kristian McLean and Ryane Jimenez were chosen by fan vote to go to Japan, and are being sent thanks to Koei Tecmo. French player Gehaktbal and Japanese player mittii have secured early spots in this tournament as well. The winner of the World Exhibition Match will receive a non-cash prize worth $3,000. First and second place will get a sponsored flight, hotel accommodations, and free registration to the Battle Royal finals this December.

For Dead or Alive fans who aren’t entering the tournament, there are plenty of things to do at the Dead or Alive Festival. There will be a cosplay contest at the event, where fans can dress up as their favorite characters from the fighting game series to win prizes. The first place winner gets a PlayStation Vita, second place wins a set of Dead or Alive-themed fleeces and shopping bags, and third place wins a set of 22 collectible Dead or Alive pins. The winners of the In-Game Photo Contest will also be chosen Saturday, based on fan votes on the official website. The photo contest is currently separated into three groups, and each will grant prizes to the top three placers.

Fans at the Dead or Alive Festival can get a special in-game costume for Marie Rose, an official Dead or Alive towel and lanyard for attending. There will be a contest at the venue to predict the winner of the World Exhibition Match, where participants can win a Ryu Hayabusa figure or 24-inch BenQ gaming display.

The Dead or Alive Festival starts August 1 and entry is free for anyone. This event will be streamed online, and Team Ninja will announce the time and website to watch soon.

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