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DBZ: Extreme Butoden Comes to the US with SNES Game Bonus


DBZ: Extreme Butoden Comes to the US with SNES Game Bonus

Now’s your chance to return to a time when Gohan was actually useful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we did it. DBZ: Extreme Butoden‘s US release has finally been revealed and with it comes a litany of bonuses so long as you pre-order the game from Amazon.

Namco Bandai US announced the release date via their twitter, as well as dropping the (spirit) bomb that it would come with several pre-order bonuses:

The most mind-blowing bonus is, of course, an exclusive downloadable virtual console release of the 1993 Super Famicom game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2. This is notable in that Super Butoden 2 has never been made available in the states before. That game originally released around the time when the Cell Saga was the hottest thing going. Super Butoden 2 had land-to-air combat and heavily featured Teen Gohan because he (spoiler alert) killed Cell at the end of the Cell Saga. It’s super cool that those of us in America finally get an official means of playing it. If you want to see Super Butoden 2 in action check out the clip below:

There’s also some bonus support characters thrown in too, if that excites you. Among those included are Kid Goku (from Dragon Ball), Garlic Jr., Super Vegito, Metal Cooler, Kid Gohan, and for some reason Naked Baby Goku. How is he supposed to help you in battle, exactly?


No, seriously, please someone explain this.

DBZ: Extreme Butoden is being developed by Arc System Works and is slated to release Oct. 20 in America for the Nintendo 3DS. But seriously guys, Super Butoden 2.

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