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Capcom Gives Full Details on Street Fighter V Beta Dates, Times, and Matches


Capcom Gives Full Details on Street Fighter V Beta Dates, Times, and Matches

Try out six characters before the game launches in 2016.

The first beta test for Street Fighter V begins July 23 at 6 PM PST. In a blog post on Capcom Unity, Peter “Combofiend” Rosas has given details on how the online-only beta will function.

Ryu, Chun-Li, M-Bison, and Nash will be available to play at launch with Cammy and Birdie being added in on July 25 to test the game’s content delivery system. There will be a limited training mode available before matchmaking kicks in, letting players test out the characters before matches. While this is an online beta, players cannot invite anyone and all matches are chosen at random from anyone in the world. This is because the beta is meant to test the game’s netcode and sort out any possible issues with lag or input delay.

Every night, the beta will undergo scheduled maintenance from 11 PM to 1 AM PST. This will continue until the beta ends on July 28. Players are allowed to stream their gameplay if they want to show off their amazing skills or lack thereof. However, the PlayStation 4’s Share functionality will be disabled, so you can only stream with an external device connected to the console.

Rosas encourages people to leave feedback after playing the beta as well. A survey is available here and a monitored thread on is available here. European players can take the survey at this link.

Which character are you looking forward to playing in Street Fighter V? Leave your comments and wishlists below!

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