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Apparently the Prototype Games Got Remastered and No One Noticed


Apparently the Prototype Games Got Remastered and No One Noticed

So no one else heard about this, right?

Remember the Prototype games? You know, those games from Radical that were compared to Infamous, but never lived up to the same amount of success? Well good news, all four people who still remember them, you can get them on the current gen systems!

Well, at least on the Xbox One. You can get both Prototype and Prototype 2 on the Xbox One bundled together with all their DLC (did the first one even have DLC?) for the lovely price of $50. Apparently there are minor to no visual upgrades, which is usually what happens when games get remastered. The weird thing about this is that there was no news made about this. The franchise may not have been huge, but you’d think there would’ve been a trailer or something to mark this occasion.

As far PS4 owners, if it doesn’t hit the PlayStation Store today, they’ll likely receive it a few weeks to a month from now. You plan on getting the Protoype: Biohazard Bundle? Let us know in the comments below.

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