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A Hat in Time Update Reveals Game Length and Adorable Dancing Gif


A Hat in Time Update Reveals Game Length and Adorable Dancing Gif

Hat Kid compels the power of palm trees.

In A Hat in Time’s latest Kickstarter update, developer Gears for Breakfast informs of their inaugural game’s potential length from start to finish with a limit of 20 Time Pieces (dozens more Time Pieces to collect in the final version) and adds a few screenshots. Across the seven chapters, playtesters reveal A Hat in Time’s current completion time is around six hours.

“When we asked the players about the game afterwards, they said that even after 6 hours, they felt like they had only scratched the surface of the game and wanted to experience more. It’s very flattering to us to know that the game still feels fresh after six hours.”

Although, Gears for Breakfast wants to make a point A Hat in Time’s content can be modified from now until final release. Six hours is a work-in-progress number for the studio they wished to share.

“The above is not an indication of how long the final game will be. We may cut out some stuff, reduce or increase the length of some segments, etc.. But we wanted to share it to really show how much content we’ve actually put in the game for such a small studio.”

As mentioned earlier, the update slaps on some screenshots and gifs of the ridiculously cute and colorful 3D collect-a-thon throwback. Details include a new Act Select screen, item-collecting progress in the observation deck, more rooms in Hat Kid’s spaceship hub world and more are in the gallery below. For further information, and potential spoilers, Gears for Breakfast did include little comments to each photo presented in their post.

A Hat in Time


Lastly, be sure sure to check out our Pax East impression of A Hat in Time or you gunna regret it. You no want make Mafia angry, do you?

A Hat in Time Mafia

Gears for Breakfast expects A Hat in Time to release later this year for PC, Mac; additionally, A Hat in Time is currently in a beta you could buy into.

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