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5 of the Most American AF Video Games


5 of the Most American AF Video Games


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broforce header for real though

What it is: A 2D sidescroller run and gunner by the lovely folks over at Free Lives and Devolver Digital. It started out as a games jam entry and made it to Steam Early Access in April 2014, but it’s getting a full scheduled release later this year. In it, you play a hypermasculine action hero soldier called a “bro”. But don’t let your mental image of bros and bro culture fool you, the Bro is good at two things: killing bad guys and looking like a badass. The Bro must travel to different countries, kill terrorists, and rescue his fellow bros and prisoners of war. Because America and INDEPENDENCE DAY, YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Why you should play it: Broforce is a deliberate callback to Contra style games and 80s action films when men were manly men and did manly things. Each Bro has a name that’s a parody of a famous action hero: Rambro, the Brominator, that sort of thing. The game itself is under direction from Nelson Brodela (yes, seriously). Each level ends with you defeating a foreign “devil boss”, and upon defeating them, you plant an America flag and leave via helicopter while stuff explodes. Broforce also has a free expansion to celebrate the then upcoming release of The Expendables 3, cleverly titled The Expendabros, and it’s as ridiculously fun as the base game itself.

How American is it?: It’s like marathoning all 80s and 90s action films to ever star Stallone or Van Damme while drinking and going, “They don’t make ’em like they used to anymore!” before going into a rant about “girly movies”.

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