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5 Games That Capture the Spirit of Independence Day


5 Games That Capture the Spirit of Independence Day

Fight the good fight.

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Independence Day

independence day

What better way to kick off Independence Day than by playing Independence Day on either the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, or PC (or all three simultaneously if you really want to celebrate). While the 4th of July is celebrating American independence, that doesn’t mean that this game isn’t relevant. Although you won’t fight in the Revolutionary War, you will have to defend Earth from a massive alien invasion. The survival of all of humanity is on the line. Pilot multiple different planes as you launch an offensive against the alien scum hanging over major cities. With every bogie downed, you are one step closer to obtaining independence for every single man, woman, and child on the face of the planet.

Independence Day may be far from being a great licensed game, but they nailed the whole aerial dog-fight for freedom aspect of the film. If only Will Smith and Bill Pullman were along for the ride.

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