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20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Playing Rocket League


20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Playing Rocket League

“Why does this camera hate me?”

“I’ve got it!”

“I don’t got anything, actually.”

“Is this my own goal?”

“I definitely just scored a self goal.”

self goal rocket league

“Eh, screw the tutorial, it looks simple enough.”

“WHAT, you can FLY?!”

“I’m pretty sure if I calculated the time spent upside down versus right side up in this game, I’d be disappointed. In myself.”

“Mistakes were made.”

rocket league upsidedown mistakes

“I can level up? I’m never going to play another game again.”

“These people are probably already the top of the Rocket League eSports community. That is the only explanation for them destroying me as they have.”

“I just made fun of the fact that there are seasons in the game, but secretly, I want nothing more than to take part in them and become a champion.”

“If the ball flies right over my head one more time, I’m going to devote the rest of the match to making everyone explode.”

overhead rocket league

“Ooooooh, there’s customization!”

“HOW did I end up on the ceiling?!”

“Statistically speaking, if I just keep playing, I’ll EVENTUALLY win SOME game.”

“That’s right. Let’s ride off into the sunset together.”

run away together rocket league

“Maybe the pink neon light will blind my enemies.”

“Why can I not stop flipping. Why can I seriously not just be a normal car with the wheels on the ground. Why do I choose this lifestyle.”


“Damn, it feels good to be a gangstah.”

Rocket League Goal

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