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10 Irritating Gaming Trends That Drive Us All Wild


10 Irritating Gaming Trends That Drive Us All Wild

Time to rip into the things that just won’t die!

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Forced Grinding


We’re throwing the first annoying video game trend right under the bus. Present in both classic and modern games, forced grinding is a moment no one looks forward to because it’s a fun-sapping chore.

Along with feeling more like work than anything else, the moment you’re forced to start brings the entire experience to a grinding halt. Sure, you’d love to go on some of Destiny’s raids with your friends, but first you’re going to have to grind for some random equipment that carries a bit more light first.

Forcing a player to grind just ends up stopping the experience players were enjoying, and often comes across as unnecessary padding. Forced grinding is definitely something players could do without and can leave fans dreading the return to their once favorite games.

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