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You Now Have A Flamethrower Shotgun in Killing Floor 2


You Now Have A Flamethrower Shotgun in Killing Floor 2

This is my BOOMSTICK!

To kick off the PC Gaming Show, the first guest that appeared was John Gibson, a lead creative developer with Tripwire Interactive, to talk about updates for the intense and visceral zombie killing game, Killing Floor 2. Gibson explains that despite its status as early access there is still much development and fine tuning to be done. Nevertheless, he stresses that communication is key with players to keep them updated.

New features included user made map engine, advanced gore tech, a free Incinerate ‘N Detonate DLC pack, and advanced graphics. Killing Floor 2 is utilizing powerful new graphics and physics engines that raise the bar what can be done with blood and gore. The new gore tech allows in-game clothing and guts to interact. It is so finely tuned it can allow for guts to float on blood.

In the announced DLC packs, Gibson promise 50% more content, 2 new aps, 2 new perks, and new weapons. For example, in the Firebug pack you have access to the a flamethrower shotgun and in the Demolitions pack you gain access to a rocket launcher.

Killing Floor 2 is still in early access and can be purchased on Steam. Furthermore, with the Steam Summer Sale still going on, the prices for the game and its bundles are discounted by 10%.

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