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Xbox One Japan Sales Figures Hit an All-Time Low


Xbox One Japan Sales Figures Hit an All-Time Low

The Japanese really aren’t very fond of the Xbox One.

It’s been a pretty rough week for the folks over at Microsoft as the sales figures for the Xbox One console in Japan have just dropped.

In the week of 8th to 14th June, Microsoft managed to sell a grand total of 100 Xbox One consoles in Japan. To put this figure into perspective, the Wii U managed to sell 16,413 consoles, while the PS4 sold 10,822. The Xbox One was even outsold by the PS3 and the Vita TV.

While the Xbox One has never done well in terms of sales in Japan, this marks an all-time low for the console, and Microsoft has done significantly worse than its major competitors.

This isn’t to say that the console is in trouble though. As we’ve seen at this year’s E3, Microsoft had a pretty good showing as they revealed new exclusives, and showed off even more of their existing titles.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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