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Xbox One Elite Console Listed on Walmart’s Site


Xbox One Elite Console Listed on Walmart’s Site

Does Microsoft have something up its sleeve?

Heads up, Xbox One gamers! Walmart recently put up a listing on their site advertising an Elite Xbox One console for the price of $499.00USD.

Xbox One Elite

The listing has since been removed but the above screenshot shows you what it was. It’s entirely possible that this is simply a mix up for some sort of new Xbox One bundle that perhaps included the recently revealed Xbox One elite controller, or a standard Xbox One that comes with a 1TB hard-drive.

However, it’s possible that Microsoft could be planning to release an elite version of the Xbox One as they did with the Xbox 360. One of the main complaints of the Xbox One is how bulky it is. It wouldn’t be very surprising for Microsoft to release a slimline version. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet so you’ll want to take all this with a pinch of salt. It’s possible the entire listing was an error.


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