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Witness the Deadliest Assassin in Gaming – and No It Isn’t Someone From Assassin’s Creed


Witness the Deadliest Assassin in Gaming – and No It Isn’t Someone From Assassin’s Creed

Okay – at this point, you’re just showing off.

If someone came up to you and asked who was the deadliest video game assassin to date,  there would be no shortage of worthy candidates for the title. In the long lineage of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, we have been graced with the talents of Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, and most recently revealed from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate at Ubisoft’s E3 2015 press conference – Evie Frye and Jacob Frye. Perhaps you have cast your lot other worthy artisans of death including Agent 47, Solid Snake, Sam Fisher, or Rikamaru and Ayame from the Tenchu series.

However, seeing is believing, and after you watch this video, it is clear who the winner is… none other than Corvo Attano from the Dishonored franchise. If you recall, Corvo Attano was once the royal bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin and her daughter Emily Kaldwin. When put under arrest, stripped of his royal title, andd wrongly marked as a traitor and conspirator in the death of the Empress by the scheming Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows, Corvo escapes and joins a resistance movement to become an assassin. He vows to take down Burrows, reveal his conspiracy, avenge the death of the Empress, and to restore Emily as the rightful heir. In his vigilante pursuit of justice, Corvo acquires powerful new abilities to augment his already formidable stealth and combat skills such as possession, teleportation, and slowing down time.

After the results of many countless hours of practice, a YouTube video posted by StealthGamerBR today truly shows gamers how much of a relentless beast Corvo can truly be in a rapid fire stealth kill montage video. See for yourself and be awed.

StealthGamerBR clearly is an experienced player and has perfected the art of using Corvo’s abilities to a degree of finesse and synergy that seems unreal. For example, at the beginning of the video, he fires a flaming arrow straight up into the sky, blinks to an unsuspecting guard and pushes him over the balcony, blinks back to the top of a guard post, slows down time enough to open the top hatch, blinks away, throws a bomb into the air and freezes it in time just long enough for the original fire arrow to land into the guard post followed by the grenade killing everyone inside. This is all done in about 30 seconds. Clearly, he is an assassin with an unbeatable knack for style.

This is but one of many stealth kill montage videos StealthGamerBR has done. This is not limited to Dishonored; he has also produced wildly brutal and creative stealth kill videos for Far Cry 4, Thief 4, and more. To see this savant of stealth in action, check out his YouTube page! Furthermore, with Ubisoft’s recent announcement of Dishonored 2, we may see new wonders from StealthGamerBR in the near future.

What did you think of the video? Which of the kills was the most brutal? Feel free to share and comment below!

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