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Why Did the Universe Let Sonic and Angry Birds Crossover


Why Did the Universe Let Sonic and Angry Birds Crossover

Stop, Sega. Just stop.

Does Sega have a deal with some ancient blood god? Do they sacrifice a project or an intern or their mailman so they get funding to keep making Sonic games? They revealed Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice earlier this week, which went over about as well as anything remotely related to Sonic would in this day and age. But the legacy continues this week, folks! Angry Birds will now be crossing over with Sonic in an effort to barely bring up one’s goodwill while severely dragging the other’s down.

This is all part of a three week long promotion for the Temple Run style mobile game, Sonic Dash. Characters from the RPG Angry Birds Epic, yes seriously, will be unlockable to play as, including Red Knight and Bomb Pirate (it’s okay if you have to Google them to remember who they are). If you want, you can also just pay for them with real cash. Representatives from Sega and Rovio have used words like “epic” and “fitting” to describe this crossover, but let’s be real: it’s nothing more than an attempt to stay somewhat relevant.

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