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We Happy Few’s Kickstarter Campaign is Officially Live


We Happy Few’s Kickstarter Campaign is Officially Live

Don’t be a Downer! Support We Happy Few!

Just as we told you it would a couple weeks ago, We Happy Few has now made its way onto Kickstarter, offering plenty of stellar backer rewards for those keen to support Compulsion Games in their latest endeavor. According to the crowdfunding page, We Happy Few is “the tale of a plucky bunch of slightly terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful delusion. Set in a drug-fuelled, retro-futuristic city in an alternative history 1964 England, you’ll have to blend in with its other citizens, who don’t take kindly to people who don’t abide by their not-so-normal rules.”

You need to properly moderate your intake of the happy-pill drug, Joy, so as to avoid raising suspicion with the residents of Wellington Wells, endearingly known as Wellies. If you’re a proper, law-abiding citizen they’ll tip their hat and wish you good day. If you’re committing a B&E or beating people up, however, you may well find yourself at the center of a vicious and elated mob quite quickly.

Few further details have been released on We Happy Few up until now, but over on their Kickstarter page you can now find plenty of awesome and eerie pieces of concept art and in-game screenshots, as well as an interview between Wellington Wells’ very own Uncle Jack and Compulsion Games’ Creative Director, Guillaume Provost. You can also check out over 15 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay just below.

Depending on how much cash money you’re willing to throw down, you can get any number of backer rewards, ranging from a lone digital copy of We Happy Few to an art book, soundtrack, and copy of their previous title Contrast, to signed concept art prints, and even getting the chance to voice a Wellie in the finished game. There are plenty of options to match any budget, so hop on over and throw them a few bucks.

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