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Unravel Is Super Cute with Melancholy Undertones


Unravel Is Super Cute with Melancholy Undertones

Cute level is over 9000

During EA’s E3 2015 conferece, Martin Sahlin from Coldwood Interacive showed off the super cute Unravel, a puzzle platformer.

The game focuses on Yarny, the super cute character that you’ll be taking control of in Unravel. Yarny will ‘unravel’ himself in order to find the proper path through each of the levels.

The gameplay is all physics based and may have simple solutions such as swinging from one side of a gap to another with the yarn, or it could be a lot more complex than that by creating some bizarre structure. You’ll use yourself (I guess) to find your way through all manner of levels in Unravel, but fear not the scenery and look of the game is incredible and adorable. Regardless of how cute the game looks however, the melancholy music of the game did seem to suggest that the game isn’t as happy and all adorable as it may seem. We’ll just have to wait and see when more details of the game are revealed.


The game had a beautiful look to it and definitely showed off what Sahlin was talking about when he said the game mechanic is focused primarily on the yarn from Yarny. Check out the reveal below.

What do you think of Unravel? Has it peaked your interest? Let us know in the comments below.

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