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Uncharted 4 Gets Stunning New Gameplay Trailer


Uncharted 4 Gets Stunning New Gameplay Trailer

During Sony’s E3 press conference, we got a stunning new look at Uncharted 4 and we were all left in awe by its beauty.

Naughty Dog’s upcoming Uncharted 4 was shown off in a stunning trailer which saw Drake and Scully start out in a beautiful exotic marketplace. After a little hiccup with the demo, we got going once again and got to really take in how beautiful the game was. 

Uncharted 4

The trailer showed off Drake and Scully in a firefight with enemies, showcasing the shooting mechanics and cover system. We then got a huge bad ass tank raining fire down on our favourite duo. Another reason to show off that cover mechanic. All in all the trailer showed off the typical Uncharted gameplay we’ve all come to know and love, with a few added twists such as a flying punch.

We then saw a driving section of the game as Drake and Scully bailed through the exotic town in a jeep from constant fire from pursuing vehicles. As is expected from the pair, we also got some brilliant banter between the two, as Drake piled his way around gaps and obstacles only for the pursuing vehicle to crash through a wall and catch back up with them.

It all ended rather dramatically with Drake being thrown into the side of a wall. Check out the trailer below.

What happened to our favourite adventurer? Only time will tell.

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