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Twitter Is Pretty Much Done with Constantly White Games Protagonists


Twitter Is Pretty Much Done with Constantly White Games Protagonists

So much shade is being thrown right now.

It’s pretty much agreed upon that representation in video games is really lacking in protagonists that aren’t white dudes. The amount of games that let you play hard locked as someone who’s not a white dude are painfully slim, and even the games that let you customize your character will more often than not have a white dude used in their marketing. This is starting to grate on people’s nerves, especially around E3 time, and Twitter user Desertfox899 decided to start a hashtag, not unlike the OscarsSoWhite one from last year.

Ah, fantasy games.


Oh god, now you KNOW games representation is that bad.

Whatever you feel about games and representation, that’s kinda fucked.

Much games. So diverse. Wow.

Hell, some people didn’t even wait for the GamesSoWhite hashtag. Or even for June.

Hey, look who that is!

The GamesSoWhite hashtag shows no signs of slowing down, and with E3 a week and a half away, you can bet the tag will have more fuel to its fire once all of the conferences have wrapped up. Tell us how you feel about the hashtag in the comments below.

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