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Twitch Doesn’t Even Begin to See YouTube Gaming as a Threat


Twitch Doesn’t Even Begin to See YouTube Gaming as a Threat

Remember, it’s always the quiet ones.

In case you missed the news, YouTube is gonna have a website and app dedicated solely to games. YouTube Gaming (clever title, right?) will be focused on streams, let’s plays, speedruns, and so on. As one would expect, this is basically a direct competitor to Twitch, the other big livestream gaming site. Well…

Talk about throwing shade. Twitch basically doesn’t consider YouTube Gaming a threat at all, and that may end up being its downfall. Y’know what they say about the quiet ones, right? This could end up being a Tortoise and the Hare type story. If a Tortoise used to spew nothing but cat videos and anime AMVs set to “In the End” by Linkin Park. But seriously, bringing up Google+? Dick move, man.

Think Twitch has a fight on its hands with YouTube Gaming? Think they’ll duke it out during TwitchCon later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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