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Transformers: Devastation is a Blast to the Past for Fans


Transformers: Devastation is a Blast to the Past for Fans

More than meets the eye.

In lieu of E3 this week, leaks are to be expected in the video game world. Much like Bethesda’s most recent Dishonored 2 leak, now we’ve got even more news on the next ‘leaked’ title, which just so happens to be focusing on the Transformers series.

First revealed to Pure Xbox, the new Transformers: Devastation game is apparently an action packed brawler that features five playable Autobots, and the actors who played their roles in the original cartoon TV series.

Transformers: Devastation

Being developed by Activision and Platinum Games, the same developers who brought us Bayonetta and Mad World, Transformers: Devastation features old school like cel-shaded graphics that really bring your favorite Transformers to life in a way that we haven’t seen since the cartoons.

While we can’t confirm the release date or the platforms that Transformers: Devastation will be coming to, we can expect that more details will be unveiled by Activision during this week’s E3 conferences.

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